A piece of good news amidst the crisis

February 9, 2009 at 3:09 am Leave a comment

Surprise, surprise! A recent survey of Antal International shows that employment rates in the country is one of the world’s highest. This is a breath of fresh air amidst the storm of news about job layoffs in the country.

In its annual survey “Global Snapshot,” the study revealed that 70 percent of companies in the Philippines are current hiring at the managerial or professional level. Companies planning to hire managers are expected to rise to 76 percent, compared to the 10 percent which intend to cut its staff, and three percent which are currently laying off workers. “Firing levels are currently low although organizations expect them to rise slightly during the early part of 2009,” Antal said.

While this appears good news, the caveat, of course, is that the hiring seems concentrated in the managerial level. Admittedly, not everyone has the ability and potential to be managers. There will always be people who work best as rank-and-file employees. So if you’re a rank-and-file employee, what do you need to do to ensure that you continue excelling in your area?

1) Continue learning.
If your company offers training opportunities, take advantage of it and attend seminars. You need to learn as much as possible for several reasons. 1) This can pave the way for a promotion. 2) If you get laid off, you have a bigger chance of getting a job elsewhere because you are equipped with more knowledge.

2) Work hard and work smart.
This is practically common sense but I’m surprised how many employees still take this for granted. Arrive to work on time. Don’t extend your coffee and lunch breaks. Don’t hesitate to suggest ways to improve your job. In short, magkaroon  ng malasakit sa trabaho mo.

3) Build your personal brand.
Make sure that your boss knows that you are doing a good job. Without appearing arrogant, you need to present yourself in the best possible light. Do a good job and make sure your boss knows it. Learn to network with the right people. Admittedly, we still live in a society where some people still use the “padrino” system. But rather than just concentrating on people you need to know, make sure that it is also complemented with an excellent work ethics.


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