Harassed via text?

March 31, 2009 at 1:17 pm 1 comment

Two years ago, I encountered eBay member #1, who bought several Archie comics from my auction. I have been collecting Archie comics for the last 21 years (!) and the Archies I put up for auctions were duplicate copies. And when I see issues that I still don’t have in eBay, I also bid on those.

It so happened that this eBay member also collects Archie comics. When another eBay seller auctioned her Archies, eBay member #1 and I went into a bidding war with me ending up as winner.

I didn’t realize that she took this personally and she even texted me to sell the Archies that I won from the eBay seller. I refused because I was bent on completing my collection. After that, she started harassing me via text, texting me foul words. Because of this, I inquired with SMART on how to deal with harassing texts.

If you’re like me, who experienced it, this is the email I received from SMART. This should also be applicable to those who receive messages from stalkers or any scam artist. Of course, you can always argue that it’s easy to change SIM cards but at least, this is a start.

Dear Pinay and Money,

Thank you for sending us e-mail.

We are sorry to hear that someone has been sending you malicious or offensive messages.

Various types of these messages are being received by our subscribers. SMART has been constantly coordinating with National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) to address the problem of malicious, offensive or threatening text messages that have victimized a growing number of SMART subscribers.

If you continually receive such messages, you may personally file a formal complaint to NTC (National Telecommunications Commission) Head Office or any of its Regional Offices through their One-Stop Public Assistance Center. NTC can order us to deactivate the culprit’s line. Please make sure that you were able to save the number and the message of the one who sent you a hoax text message. If important, you may reach NTC at telephone numbers 436-7722, 926-7722 and 925-4651.

The NTC in turn, will send a warning text message to the source. SMART assigned a special number 0919-2999999 for NTC to use when sending out warning messages. In the event that complainant continues to receive these hoax text messages from the same number despite warnings, the NTC may order SMART to deactivate the source of these messages.

We hope to have been of help to you. Feel free to communicate with us again.


Customer Care


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  • 1. jpeb  |  April 29, 2009 at 1:00 am

    blocking a sim wouldn’t work. the harasser can just get another sim card can continue sending the same junk messages.
    what we need is mandatory sim card registration.

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