Sharing my blocked eBay bidders

May 11, 2009 at 1:44 pm Leave a comment

eBay sellers are familiar with the situation. Seller lists an item, bidder places a bid. Bidder wins the item and seller gives the invoice. After seven days, seller still doesn’t hear from the winning bidder. Seller then files for an Unpaid Item Dispute.

In my part-time gig as eBay seller, I’ve had my fair share of joybidders. Joybidder is an eBay term that describes an eBay member who bids on item for sheer fun (or malice). Although eBay provided a facility for members to block a joybidder from bidding again, eBay does not allow eBay members to post the joybidder’s eBay user name in eBay’s discussion board. The same policy holds true for eBay user names of scammers, or those disgusting members who cheat other eBayers of their hard-earned money.

This has become a source of frustration to almost all eBay members. After all, how can they warn other eBay members of joybidders and scammers?

I’m sharing my list of blocked bidders to you (click to download). I didn’t encounter all of them but another eBay member was gracious enough to share his blocked bidders’ list. Over my three years in eBay, I have added quite a few to that list. You can download the Word file and just copy/paste the names in your own eBay blocked bidders’ list.


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