Lessons from my Father

June 14, 2010 at 5:54 am 1 comment

Every third Sunday of June, we honor all fathers in the world. And this week, I’m the host of Team Carnival‘s topic of the week: Lessons from my father.

My dad is a simple man. Although he has achieved much in life, he remains humble and true to himself. He never allowed the material trappings to run his life. Sure, he and mom have managed to accumulate a good number of properties and what-nots but you will still see him sport the same clothes, the same pair of shoes. My mom’s common complaint is that my father never buys anything, literally. The only time he gets new stuff is when I and my brothers give him gifts on his birthday and Christmas.

My dad is a big believer of hard work. For the last 50 years, he has worked non-stop. You would think that at age 71, he would be retired by now. But, no. He still works as a full-time training consultant in a manning company, takes the bus everyday, and refuses to take vacations.

On weekends, he still does household chores even though we have help. He cooks lunch, cleans stuff, gathers firewood. Yup, he walks around the village gathering branches he could use at home.

My father (and mom, too) is a very helpful man and I think this contributed to our good fortune. Good karma, ika nga. When I grew up, I saw strangers and distant relatives live in our house because my father was helping them.  Over the years, these strangers became part of my family, people who would move heaven and earth in deep gratitude of the help given by my dad.

My father values independence. I didn’t grow up in a text-book family where parents are hands-on, where children are hugged all the time and told all these affirmative words. My father has always taught us the value of making our own decisions and being responsible for it. Sure, he would tell us what he thought but at the end of the day, the decision rests with us. In the process, we all grew up knowing that whatever things we choose to do, we would be responsible for it.

There are a lot more lessons my father has taught me and is  still teaching me. I’m just very thankful to God that at his age, he is still strong in mind, body and spirit. And  I’m praying that God will continue blessing him with good health and a long life.

How about you? What are the lessons you learned from your father? Share your thoughts and let’s honor the man we call dad.


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  • 1. jean  |  June 23, 2010 at 7:18 pm

    so nice of your dad…

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