Missing Prize in the Green Cross and Glide Contest

September 27, 2010 at 3:34 am 8 comments

A very rude third-party agency, a brand manager who delegates everything to her TPA at the risk of her brand’s reputation, and a missing P2,500 prizing winning.

This is how I describe my husband’s experience when he won the Green Cross “Glide Spot and Win” promo, managed by its third-party agency Ads101 Advertising.

My husband won an SMS contest by Green Cross last August. He received a text message giving him instructions to call Ads 101 Advertising so he could confirm his mailing address. He did give Ads 101 a call and gave our home address. Mind you, this is the second time he gave his address because when he entered the SMS contest, it was a requirement to send in his address.

A few weeks after, he received the mail from Greencross and was signed by Glide brand manager Catherine Apodaca. Further instructions were given and that my husband has to personally claim his prize Ads 101 Advertising in Paranaque City. The contact person is Rose Miranda and he must come during office hours. Please take note of the letter, which indicates that he won P5,000-worth of gift certificates from clothing store MEMO.

Hubby called Rose Miranda and asked if it’s possible to mail the prize (which are gift certificates) or meet halfway. Rose Miranda said it’s not possible and that hubby should claim it personally. Please note that we live in Fairview Park, Quezon City. Hubby’s work is also in Quezon City. Travelling from Quezon City to Paranaque is hell. It would take at least two hours to go there and another two hours to go back. Rose Miranda had the gall to tell hubby that if he’s complaining, he should take it up with the brand manager Catherine Apodaca. He called Apodaca’s number and couldn’t be reached. Either the number is wrong or it just didn’t exist.

The owner of Ads 101, Dorothy Cruz, also called my husband and told him he was being difficult. She reasoned that Paranaque is a major center of commerce. I don’t know where she got that idea it doesn’t take away the fact that the commute/drive from Fairview Park to Paranaque is hellish. And as if admitting how difficult they’re making it for the winners to claim the prize, Dorothy Cruz said that more than 50% of the winners haven’t claimed their prizes yet. This goes to show that more than half of the 56 winners find it difficult to go to Paranaque, considering that the contest was held in Quezon City offices.

Finally, we found some window to finally claim the prize. The only hitch was that it’s on a Saturday and he’s asking someone to claim it for him. He called Rose Miranda and asked if Ads 101 is open on Saturdays but she said no. Hubby asked if there could be someone who could be there on a Saturday so he could claim the prize. Perhaps, even a guard that he can get the prize from. By this time, Rose Miranda got angry and said, “Magbabayad pa ako ng tao at kuryente para tumao ng Sabado.” My husband retorted, “Bakit, ako din naman magbabayad ng tao at gasolina para pumunta sa Paranaque.”

After more rantings, she finally agreed to assign someone and we finally got the prize. But wait, there’s more. Come Monday time, our representative gave me the gift certificates and I was surprised to find out that it’s only P2,500. It clearly stated that the prize is P5,000 so where did the P2,500 go?!!

I asked our representative if that’s all Ads101 gave and she said yes. She also said she was asked to sign a waiver, which she didn’t bother reading, and that the Ads101 staff wrote down the serial numbers of the GCs given to her. After all the trouble we went through, we received the prize where half of it is missing. Tell me, won’t you be pissed, as well?

As of this writing, hubby is contacting Green Cross and Ads101. I’ll keep you posted on what happens next.


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BPI Real Thrills with Robinsons Supermarket Missing Prize, Green Cross and Glide Update

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  • 1. anonymous  |  September 27, 2010 at 2:42 pm

    sir and ma’am
    i appreciate your feelings towards the incidents… everyone has entitled to their own opinion… specially you… you are an Educated Human Being… a so called PROFESSIONAL… but u don’t act LIKE ONE… nag work ako before as a supervisor i wont mention the company name were i work. I know this people running – Ads101.. They are not like that. They follow rules as per BFAD regulations… This is not the first time they run a promo… marami na.. and lahat yun successful…regarding this promo… Glide has 50+ winner and most of them were treated equally and with respect… God knows… i already talked to the supervisor who handed the prizes. he admit that he made mistake by giving only 5 500 gift certificate… coz the first batch of gift certificate was 1000 per gc’s… so all he knows by giving 5 gc’s is equivalent to 5000… it was a honest mistake by that supervisor… first hour this morning… the supervisor drove to fairview with his motorbike with a student license only.. risking his life… just the give the remaining 2,500 gc’s… and say sorry for what happened…
    again what happened is a MISTAKE… a HONEST MISTAKE that human has….

    i hope this thing will clear what really happened. to all the readers….please think wag lang mag react…. know the person first before u judge….SOMETIMES PEOPLE FORGET WHO THEY ARE….if THEY ARE ON TOP…. kapit ka lang sir…. MASAKIT MAHULOG….

  • 2. pinayandmoney  |  September 28, 2010 at 12:27 am

    Dear Ms Anonymous,

    Thank you for your comment. First of all, it would do well if you properly introduce yourself rather than hide under a bogus email account anonymous149@yahoo.com. Professionalism dictates that you introduce yourself properly.

    You are obviously a staff of Ads 101, judging by your post and albeit the inconsistencies. You said you know people from Ads 101 but you were also able to talk to the supervisor. Either you are a very concerned friend of Ads 101 or you are just plain coward and a liar, and that you are indeed an employee of Ads 101. But I’m digressing.

    Second, nowhere in my blog post did I imply anything negative about the missing P2,500. My question was plain and simple, where was the remaining P2,500? If you bothered reading the entire post, you will see that my husband tried to contact Ads 101 to trace where the P2,500. My last sentence says it all, “As of this writing, hubby is contacting Green Cross and Ads101. I’ll keep you posted on what happens next.”

    Third, it’s not true that your messenger delivered the remaining GCs first hour in the morning (yesterday). Kung hindi pa itinawag ng asawa ko yung nawawalang GCs, hindi ninyo pa malalaman. FYI, the GCs were delivered at 2 PM in the afternoon.

    Fourth, your messenger didn’t deliver it to Fairview, as you so proudly stated. The messenger delivered it to Mandaluyong, where I hold office.

    Fifth, it’s not my problem and concern if your messenger only has a student’s license. Mas nakakahiya sa Ads 101 because you are employing a messenger whose only license is a student’s permit. Is that a practice of a respectable third-party agency? You obviously have no concern for your employees as you knowingly employ a rider na hindi professional license ang dala. Shame on you!

    Sixth, your rider just gave the GCs. He didn’t bother apologizing. We don’t expect an apology from your rider. We want an apology from Ads101. Kayo ang nagkamali sa pagbibigay ng tamang GC so bakit ang rider ninyo ang hihingi ng paumanhin?

    Seventh, sure it probably was an honest mistake but where’s the apology from Ads101? Rose Miranda and Dorothy Cruz were very rude. And despite their rudeness, their shabby treatment of my husband, and the missing GCs, no one bothered to apologize to him.

    Obviously, my blog post pissed you off. But there’s nothing there that is a lie. Everything I posted there is the truth. This is a free country and you are free to dispute what I posted and give your own version of the story. But I strongly suggest that you take off your mask, come out in the open, and introduce yourself properly. If you are indeed from Ads101 (although you say you’re not), be professional enough to talk to my husband.


  • 3. anonymous din  |  September 28, 2010 at 12:01 pm

    Hahaha! It’s obvious that this “Anonymous” dude is from Ads 101.

  • 4. anonymous din daw  |  September 28, 2010 at 12:03 pm

    For “anonymous” — kumapit ka din! Your writing gave me a headache.

  • 5. Jude Cruz  |  September 28, 2010 at 8:58 pm

    I can’t believe this Ads101 incident! Such unprofessionalism! I am on your side, Grace, considering we know how it must me done.

  • 6. anonymous fan  |  October 1, 2010 at 3:47 pm

    Dear Ms/Mr Anonymous,

    The next time that you write, please use SPELL CHECK and don’t ignore the GRAMMAR CHECK that MS Word uses to correct your errors. Or better yet, mag-TAGALOG ka na lang to express your thoughts. Hahahaha!

    PS. Or better din na you use the JEJEMON lingo, funny pa!!!
    Jejejeje! Eow poh!

  • 7. leirs  |  October 7, 2010 at 1:02 pm

    Hello!!! i was stressed out that I had to pick it up from Paranaque pero yung guy na kumakausap sa akin and he stressed me out kasi I couldn’t claim it without the freaking letter!!!! I won in August ang sulat dumating nang October. Pagdating nang sulat eto na claiming time na.. i dragged my husband all way to Paranaque which is definitelly not the CENTER OF COMMERCE.pagdating ko dun i had to endure the smell of paint. kasi may ginagawa sila.Katok sila sa office walang sumasagot i had to sit down for 5 minutes in a chair outside the office para singhutin ang pintura. this friendly guy was knocking and then found someone na may susi. Lo and behold when they opened the door. This guy who had a MAC was inside all along and didn’t bother to open the door. Letse di naman ganun kalayo mga 15 feet lang sya from the door asar talaga and then they processed everything then im done pero the stress it took to get it and the paint triggered my rhinitis..

  • 8. chelsea ponce  |  June 13, 2012 at 8:59 am

    oh,leave ads101 alone. what can you expect from an agency that doesn’t pay their manpower ( people who work under extreme weather conditions just so to have some street merchandising materials in place ), models ( promo girls had to wear skimpy clothes<READ God-forbid-your-daughter-wears kind of clothes after enduring lewd remarks)and suppliers?? leave them be, if they cant treat the very same people who bring in the profits for them with respect,what makes you think they'll treat you any better?

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