Missing Prize, Green Cross and Glide Update

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I blogged about my husband’s missing prize from Green Cross’ Spot and Glide Promo. In a nutshell, hubby was supposed to win P5,000 worth of gift certificates from clothing line MEMO but he only got (through our representative) P2,500.

Hubby tried to call Rose Miranda Ads 101 Advertising but couldn’t reach her. So he tried calling Green Cross’ landline and looked for brand manager Catherine Apodaca. However, the line just kept ringing so he tried the Customer Care number.

Gladys from Customer Care answered. He narrated his long ordeal of claiming the prize and how he wanted to get in touch with Apodaca. Gladys said she’ll get back to him but the line was cut off.

My husband’s cell phone rang afterwards but he couldn’t answer the phone as he was in a meeting. Gary Hilario of Ads 101 texted my husband and asked for his address where he can deliver the gift certificates. Ads 101 also thought of contacting our representative and told our rep that he will deliver the GCs to her.

That afternoon, a messenger arrived and delivered the remaining P2,500. No one from Ads 101 bothered to apologize for the mistake or even the inconvenience. Nada, nothing. Sabagay, the staff was very rude nga in dealing with my husband so why should we even expect an apology for the missing P2,500?

In my earlier post, Ads 101 was insistent that hubby should claim the prize personally. Despite his requests that the prize be delivered or couriered, Ads 101 refused to do so, saying that DOH and FDA require that all prizes must be claimed personally. Okay, fine. How come then that Ads 101 was able to deliver the remaining GCs to our representative? If this was possible, shouldn’t Ads 101 have spared us the trouble and just couriered it? After all, we’re even willing to meet halfway or pay for the courier fee?

Here’s my take on this.

First, when holding a contest, don’t make it difficult for your customers to claim their prize. I myself have been holding contests for sometime now and when a winner requests if we could mail the prize for one reason or another, we grant the request. A courier fee of P100 is a small prize to pay to make our customer happy.

I also checked with some friends from DOH, FDA and DTI. Yes, they recommend that winners should claim the prizes personally. But if it’s not possible, winners are ALLOWED to send their representatives. So why was Ads 101 insistent on this when Rose Miranda could have just told my husband from the beginning that he can send a representative?

Second, a third-party agency HAS NO RIGHT to be rude to customers. Third-party agencies REPRESENT THEIR CLIENTS and when you are rude to customers, you RUIN THE REPUTATION of your clients. If you can’t hold your tongue, you have no right to be in the client servicing business when you don’t know what customer service is about. Instead of your winners feeling happy for having won the raffle, you ruin it by acting haughty and rude.

Third, brand managers SHOULD NEVER DELEGATE EVERYTHING to the third-party agency. Brand managers are little general managers and you should always make sure that your brand is perceived well by your consumers. When a customer complains, act on it. Don’t tell the agency to deal with it. The brand manager SHOULD DEAL WITH IT.

Winning contests should be a fun experience. It should make your customers happy and increase brand equity. But when third-party agencies are rude to winners, you take the fun out of the win. Huwag na lang kayo magpa-contest kung pinahihirapan ninyo lang na iclaim ang mga prizes.

Oh, the MEMO GC has an expiration date. The Department of Trade and Industry has already issued an administrative order prohibiting companies from imposing an expiration date on gift certificates. I wonder if the MEMO GCs are old batches that’s why they still have the expiration dates.


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