Ever encountered rude sales people?

October 17, 2010 at 1:55 am Leave a comment

I’m quite sure you have encountered rude sales people? And when I mean sales people, these include call center agents, account executives, agents, company representatives or even company owners.

You know the type. The cosmetics saleslady whose heart is really not into selling her wares and secretly waiting for her shift to be over. Or the account executive who obviously doesn’t like her work and treats her customers–clients, contest winners, potential business partners–shabbily and disrespectfully.

But as customers, do you have to take all these without complaint? So what do you when you encounter rude, disrespectful and incompetent sales people?

1. Know your right as a consumer. The Consumer Act of the Philippines provides protection for its consumer so it pays to know what’s written there. Whether it’s a defective product, deceptive advertisements or fraudulent contests, you need to know how this piece of law has for you.

2. Complain. You as customer HAS EVERY RIGHT TO COMPLAIN. Whether it’s because of defective product or rude sales people, you must complain. Take it up with the manager of that person or, if needed, the owner of the company. However, there are company owners who are just as rude as his/her people. If you encounter that, then you realize why the staff is just as rude. The apple doesn’t fall far from that tree.

If you happen to encounter such people, do other customers like us a favor. Spread the word about such behavior so that others may be warned. This kind of companies is all about making money without regard whether they have satisfied their customers. Don’t bother patronizing them again.

3. Report it to the Department of Trade and Industry. Aside from product defects and rude personnel, you’ve also heard of people getting scammed. Whatever the situation may be, you can file a complaint to DTI Consumer Center.

Most Filipinos are kind and would rather ignore these deceptive and rude practices instead of doing something. Don’t be a doormat. If you see something wrong, do something. Remember what Edmund Burke said, “All that is necessary for evil to succeed is that good men do nothing.”


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