Ever encountered rude sales people?

I’m quite sure you have encountered rude sales people? And when I mean sales people, these include call center agents, account executives, agents, company representatives or even company owners.

You know the type. The cosmetics saleslady whose heart is really not into selling her wares and secretly waiting for her shift to be over. Or the account executive who obviously doesn’t like her work and treats her customers–clients, contest winners, potential business partners–shabbily and disrespectfully.

But as customers, do you have to take all these without complaint? So what do you when you encounter rude, disrespectful and incompetent sales people? (more…)


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Share-A-Load Scam

Another quick post for P&M readers.  Please be careful of callers, impersonating your officemates, company executives, and friends.

The modus operandi is simple. Someone will call you, sounding urgent, and asking you to share your cell phone load. The caller will introduce himself as your officemate or one of your company executives. He’ll say that it’s an emergency so he needs to cell phone load right away and that he will pay you back later.

When this happens, pause for a few seconds and gather your thoughts first. Ask why are you being approached for this? If it’s an officemate who’s not close to you, why would he suddenly ask for a load? If it’s a company executive, can’t he afford to pay for his own load? Or better yet, doesn’t the executive have a secretary/admin assistant that he can approach?

Be very careful. Just recently, someone impersonated one of our company laywers. The caller called two people in HR and pretended to be our lawyer and asking for load. We were able to stop one of the two employees. Unfortunately, the second employee was scammed of P300-worth of load. The employee also didn’t realize that all office-issued cell phones are post-paid lines and therefore, didn’t need load.

The person who called our office uses the landline 701-0134. We are fortunate to have a called ID so we recorded this number. We are still in the process of tracing this landline.

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Enervon Prime’s NEXTPO

A grown family, a fruitful career, and lasting success. What’s next for you? Find out what’s next on Oct. 3, 2010 at the Enervon Prime’s NEXTPO. The event will be held at SM Megamall, Megatrade Hall 3 from 10:30 AM to 7 PM. Learn from celebrities like Pilar Pilapil, Jim Paredes and Amy Perez. Enervon Prime’s NEXTPO is also brought to you by Skelan, Dolfenal, and RiteMED Ascorbic Acid.

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Missing Prize, Green Cross and Glide Update

I blogged about my husband’s missing prize from Green Cross’ Spot and Glide Promo. In a nutshell, hubby was supposed to win P5,000 worth of gift certificates from clothing line MEMO but he only got (through our representative) P2,500.

Hubby tried to call Rose Miranda Ads 101 Advertising but couldn’t reach her. So he tried calling Green Cross’ landline and looked for brand manager Catherine Apodaca. However, the line just kept ringing so he tried the Customer Care number.


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Missing Prize in the Green Cross and Glide Contest

A very rude third-party agency, a brand manager who delegates everything to her TPA at the risk of her brand’s reputation, and a missing P2,500 prizing winning.

This is how I describe my husband’s experience when he won the Green Cross “Glide Spot and Win” promo, managed by its third-party agency Ads101 Advertising. (more…)

September 27, 2010 at 3:34 am 8 comments

BPI Real Thrills with Robinsons Supermarket

Every bills payment or pre-paid phone reload made thru BPI Express Online, Express Phone and/or Express Mobile, the BPI client gets to earn points that can be exchanged for free grocery items at Robinsons Supermarket. (more…)

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More Text Scam Alert

Just a quick post to alert you more on unscrupulous characters using SMS to scam people. Here’s a SMS I received from #0905-5822271.

From Central Bank. Your SIM # won P950,000 sponsored by Pres. Noynoy Aquino. Please call me know. I’m atty. Arnold Depensor. DTI permit # 2256 series of 2010.

If you receive similar text messages, please do not believe them. They will only rip you off your hard-earned money.

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